Color Consultation

Whether it’s one color or a complete palette, we will help you choose colors that are tailored to you and each room in your home. Our approach to comprehensive paint palette building begins with a careful and thoughtful review of your current or planned for surroundings.  Care is given to ensure wood tones, natural stone surfaces, carpet or rugs, art and all other furnishings are considered.  We’ll consider the natural and artificial lighting.  We’ll understand your needs, your dreams and the colors you feel drawn to.  Selecting the perfect colors and strategically planning color placement is critical.

We work with many paint lines and consideration is given to recommending the best line for your project.  Color texture, sheen and paint type is important to specify – we can help.

Your e-Design digital concept board(s) will include:
•3 Paint Color Schemes (each scheme includes 3 colors)
•Painting Tips and Techniques for your space

*Please allow 1 week for delivery.

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