Office Design

Once we understand your business we will prepare space plans to capture all your business requirements.

Initially department or team locations are shown as blocks of space overlaid on the building outline. These block plans promote quick decision making regarding how the interior spaces will be prioritised. You may want your meeting rooms on the top floor if there is a nice view!

Once the general layouts are decided, the blocks of space are populated to create a detailed space plan. If you have not already decided on a building, the space plans help you to assess your shortlist and determine which location best suits your needs.

If you are not looking to relocate, we can of course re-plan your existing office space to suit a new brief. You may want to re-organise to accommodate more staff or re-organise your teams to suit a new management structure.

We have extensive experience of working with facilities teams to manage staff churn at all levels, and we understand the business continuity issues involved in reorganising an occupied space.

We work to a set of tried and tested space planning principles developed over years of experience. Our space planning standards will ensure that you will fit your space in the best possible way.

It’s all about you

A large part of our design approach involves fact finding in the early stages so we have a clear understanding of your needs. Our thorough briefing process allows us to fully engage with your internal project team. We complete in-depth interviews with key members of staff and carefully document your requirements to ensure that we fully understand the things that are important to make your business work, including operational changes, expansion plans and important inter-departmental links.

The briefing sessions capture your practical requirements including, storage, equipment and workstations alongside general requirements for meeting, breakout and ancillary areas.


How will we function effectively?

Workplace analysis is used to establish the amount of square feet your organisation needs to function effectively. It may include recommendations regarding how your business processes may change to embrace new flexible ways of working.


So, what will it look like?

Computer generated images of the interior are essential tools of communication for the project team and the wider organisation as a whole. When the final concept is agreed, computer generated visuals are prepared to accurately convey your new environment.

Later in the process these visuals will be communicated to the site team, so everyone is familiar with the vision they are helping to create. Our experienced team of creative designers work with you to select finishes and fittings which are appropriate in terms of budget, design integrity, durability and environmental credentials.


Will we fit in?

Once we understand your business we will prepare space plans to capture all your business requirements.


Can you help us choose our furniture?


Will I need a hard hat?


Commercial Interior Design Questionnaire

Facility Information

What type of commercial facility is it?
Mark the spaces that would you like to like to include in the project:
Mark the kind of endorsement you are considering

Personal Preferences

Is there a company logo/colors, that you would like to use as a theme/element of the project?
If so, please attach them to this document...
Are there any items/furniture you would like to keep in the new plan (if so, please indicate)?
Do you have any collections (if so, please indicate)?
Are the collections on a display (if so, how and where would you like them to be displayed)?
Would you like some Eco-friendly solutions in the new plan?
Would you like some ergonomic solutions in the new plan?
Mark the feelings you seek to achieve in the space:
Mark your color preferences:
Are there any colors you prefer in particular? (if so, please indicate)?
Are there any colors you dislike in particular? (if so, please indicate)?
Mark your materials preferences:
Do you need an extra storage area?